Wednesday, October 1, 2014


The first night of CIO went something like this:
7:20 Last bottle given, rock a little bit, put in crib, close door, crying begins….
7:30 Crying stops
8:45 Crying starts….wait 10 minutes
8:55 Mom goes in to comfort, offered a little of bottle, but didn’t want any
8:57 Close door….crying continues….wait 15 minutes
9:12 Mom goes in to comfort
9:14 Close door…crying continues….wait 20 minutes
9:35 Mom goes in to comfort…offered bottle, but he didn’t want any….wait 25 minutes
9:55 Crying stops
1:30 Woke up crying, but back asleep before the 10 minutes wait time was up
4:52 Woke up crying….waited 10 minutes….
5:00 Mom goes in to comfort….offered bottle….drank a little
5:05 Close door…….crying continues….wait 15 minutes
Andrew falls asleep before 15 minutes is up….still sleeping now at 7:30 a.m.

DAY 2 OF CIO went something like this...
7:15 4 oz bottle and put in crib crying
7:30 no more crying
11:15 woke up crying....wait 15 minutes
11:30 comfort and gave 2 oz bottle rub back while lying down left room and he started crying
11:35 crying stopped
1:30 woke up crying but stopped on his own
3:15 woke up crying wait 15 minutes
3:30 comfort and gave 2 oz bottle, changed diaper, lay in crib with blanket, rub back....left room with no crying
7:45 work happy for the day
I'd say we're all doing pretty good.......

Dad handles the 3rd night of CIO....these are from his notes...
7:00 6oz bottle, rock some, out by 7:10, crying
7:30 comfort out again
7:35 asleep
10:00 cry stir sleep
11:30 cry stir sleep
12:10 cry
12:30 in to comfort
1:05 crying stopped
I am writing this at 5:45 before work and everyone is sleeping!

Day 4 of turn again....

7:30 6 oz bottle and some rocking...put down in crib with no crying
10:00 stir cry sleep
12:15 crying....wait 25 minutes
12:40 comfort 2 oz formula, change diaper, back in crib....rub back for a couple minutes...leave crying
12:45 back to bed for me
1:30 stir cry sleep
3:30 stir cry sleep
5:45 All are asleep as I go off to work. 

CIO Day 5 was last night....Andrew was VERY tired and his teeth were bothering so I caved and at 7:00 I gave him tylenol and 6 oz of formula. I just couldn't keep him up any longer. He was rubbing his eyes and very tired.....
THE ANGELS ARE SINGING....why you ask....wait for it....
ANDREW SLEPT THE ENTIRE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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