Friday, October 18, 2013 least one of us is!

Andrew hates getting in his car seat, but once he's there, the rocking of the car puts him to sleep.

He can fall asleep on his back, lying on my legs....

.....on his stomach in the pac-n-play... the vibrating chair......or in any place at all, really. The only time he doesn't sleep is when I want to.....ughhh.

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happymomof2 said...

Oh I know exactly what you are going through (my littlest one just turned 3 months old), and this too shall pass. I know with Andrew things are a little different but I promise this too shall pass, but for now coffee and lots of it!!! And ((hugs)) from a fellow blog mom:) And just when you get use to them sleeping through the night they will have a growth spurt and will be getting up during the night again- that's what my littlest one is doing! It's also harder when you have another kiddo depending on you ( I have 4 kiddos and when my 4th was born I felt like a zombie trying to function on so little sleep). Thinking of you and hoping you all get some rest soon!!