Saturday, October 19, 2013


Back in August I wrote about how the WIZARDS in our school district decided that after the school year started would be a great time to repaint and recarpet the classrooms. Well, my turn has finally come. I have to have everything moved out by Tuesday. To add insult to injury, they will rewire the entire portable building so it will take more then 2 weeks. It's a double portable (2 classrooms connected) so both myself and the teacher that has the other half of the building, have to move out at the same time because all the electricity will be turned off.

My baby sitter came for a couple hours on Friday, so that I could go to work (time I am not being paid for...) to pack stuff up. My sister is going to watch the kids today so I can go back in again to pack more and then on Monday a mom up the street will watch the baby, while Sam is in preschool, so I can go back in again, for a few hours, to finish up.

Then after everything is done I will have to move it all back again. So much for being organized and working 8 days during the summer to get everything settled and put away so that the kids have a good environment to learn in.

When do I get to evaluate the WIZARDS who thought this was a good plan?

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