Monday, July 1, 2013


The goals for 2013 are pretty lofty, but here goes....the highlighted ones have been accomplished. I have also read 19 books on my way to my 40 book goal, Sam is much braver in the pool, but still uses a life vest and I actually don't spend enough time in the car to do the audio Bible so I switched it to a chronological Bible and I am right on track. I am steadily applying to elementary schools, but everyone on the must hire list have to be placed first.

* Have one date day/night a month.
* Have time (coffee/lunch/shopping etc.) with a friend once a month.

* Volunteer one hour a week at the new retirement community that is close to my house.

* Continue to save $500 + a month toward updating our house and then our move back to New Hampshire in the summer of 2015.
* Review investments and decide what to do with Richard's old 401K

* Get hired by an elementary school close to my house. Middle school is for the birds. God has me here for a reason and I have learned a lot, but I know it is not where I should be.
* Investigate potentially getting out of teaching in 2015 and doing something else.

* Volunteer with the church once a month
*  Listen in my car to an audio bible

* Cook one new recipe a month
* Walk 20-30 minutes every day

* Read 40 books
* Complete my doll house I started back in 2006
* Teach Sam how to swim

* Replace carpeting in bedrooms and put laminate in living area (and we did the office)
* Replace fire door to garage
* Repaint master and front door
* Get exhaust fan in front bathroom fixed
* Install new microwave over stove

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