Thursday, July 4, 2013

Down Time

June has just flown by!

The month was taken up with a great vacation in California, new floors installed, many afternoons at the pool, a mole removal for Sam, a trip to the zoo and my sister visiting from New Hampshire.

I don't feel exhausted from teaching last school year and I am actually feeling motivated to start planning again. Now to find the time.

It's been nice to:

* totally ignore my school books
* get up whenever my brain awakens for the day (or Sam decides it's time...)
* drink my coffee leisurely, while watching Good Morning America
* catch up on cleaning tasks
* get errands done
* garden a little
* make phone calls
* lounge by the pool for a few hours
* take a walk
* read a book
* be a mom

1 comment:

cynthia said...

nice, i totally like your courage..