Thursday, May 2, 2013


Every six weeks we seem to go through the same thing. For about 4 days Sam coughs to the point of vomiting. He has no energy, runs a low grade fever, misses school (seems to always fall on a snack day or show and tell day), we lose sleep, we give him nebulizer treatments, benadryl, cough medicine with codine (to sleep) and then he'll get better.

On Sunday night Sam started coughing again. Today is day four. I tried to call in a refill for the cough medicine with codine, but the specialist wouldn't give it unless I came in. So I took Wednesday off and took Sam in. I find out they never got the results of the chest x-ray they ordered back in January. I feel like they have dropped the ball. They asked me if I knew the results. I said that I was told if they didn't call everything was fine and now I find out they never got any results. Really?

So, Sam is back on an antibiotic, has to have blood work done and a follow up appointment in a month.   It's frustrating because he is only 4 and they can't figure out what is the real reason for all his breathing/coughing issues (sinus, allergies, asthma).

Then I spent 45 waiting at Walgreens for a prescription when they said it would only take 15 and then they told me they didn't have it.

Now I have to call Walgreens Pharmacy which doesn't open until 8:00 a.m, walk through a phone tree hoping someone answers and find what other pharmacy that has the antibiotic that won't cause diarrhea so hubby can pick it up for Sam....and I need to do this all before 8:15 when school bell rings.....something tells me I'm going to be making phone calls on kid's time today.

Plus I have to call to schedule the follow-up appointment and find the time to get the blood work done.

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