Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Here are the sites I've been visiting the most lately.

1. FACEBOOK...I keep in touch with friends and play Words With Friends.
2. JOYCE MEYER...I listen to her daily. She has brought me closer to God and makes my day start right.
3. PINTEREST...just a fun way to keep all the things I like in one place and has tons of new ideas I want to try.
4. HUFFINGTON POST....interesting perspectives on the world.
5. BIG FISH GAMES...a fun distraction. I love hidden picture games. They also let you download the game for an hour before you have to buy it.
6. MATH...a great place for math tutoring.
7. IXL...math games and tons of resources.
8. MATH WORKSHEETS....drill worksheets on tons of math topics.
9. REMAX IN N.H.....I love Remax because the listings have pictures.
10. AMAZON....my go to place for buying online.

1 comment:

Juli said...

Hope you're having luck finding potential properties. :) I love the real estate listings... and I don't even want to move.