Sunday, July 22, 2012


82. My friend, Elisa.

83. My friend, Paula.

84. My friend, Mike.

85. My friend, Nicole.

86. My friend, Pat.

87. My friend, Karen.

88. Many other friends too numerous to count.

89. Amazing siblings.

90. My home town.

91. My amazing husband who took wonderful care of my son, so I could go to NH for a long weekend.

92. Planes that arrive on time.

93. Coffee.

94. Coming home.

95. Cousins, nieces and nephews.

96. Friends who shared their prayers, stories and time with my family.

97. Wonderful pictures.

98. The River.

99.  Floor and ceiling fans.

100. Great food.

101. Being able to print boarding passes ahead of time.

102. Laughter.

103. Seeing my mother smile.

104. New babies.

105. People that understand and care about me!

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