Saturday, July 21, 2012


How many crazy neighbors have you had?

It seems like I have ALWAYS had a crazy neighbor.
First, there was the one that had 2 huge sheep dogs that would dive at the shared fence and we had to fix it multiple times.

Now she has moved and it is being rented by a lady and her 3 kids. At first everything was fine. The mom seemed to work a lot and the kids roamed around by themselves, but they didn't cause any problems. Now the mom has moved in her boyfriend, his brother and girlfriend and their 2 kids, so there are now 9 people (4 adults and 5 kids) living in a 4 bedroom house.

I have only spoken to her, maybe, 5 times. The kids are always around, but the adults are usually gone.

On 4th of July we had to tell the boys not to light bottle rockets off the wooden fence.

Then at O'dark thirty, my husband has peaked over the fence, a number of times, asking them to turn down their music. I'm not sure why anyone thinks that having loud music playing after 11:00 p.m. on a Wednesday night is not going to bother someone. I have him handle it because I am not as diplomatic as he is. They've always turned it down when we've asked before, so I didn't think last night would be any different.

The music came on just as we were going to bed. When we went out to the fence this time here is the conversation we had:

Me: "Excuse me. Could you turn down the music a little?" I didn't get a response and I couldn't see anyone so I said it again.

Neighbor: "We're not going crazy over here. From now on when you have a problem instead of talking over the fence, just call APD (Albuquerque Police Department)."

Me: "I didn't say you were going crazy. We're just trying to go to sleep. I just asked you to turn down the music."

Neighbor: "Call APD."

Me: "Ok. No problem. We will."

So I then went inside and called the non-emergency number to file a noise complaint.

Richard and I discussed it and from now on instead of asking nicely we'll just call the cops.

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Connie said...

Wow, they are opening their own can of worms!