Saturday, May 12, 2012

The top 5 things I look for in the blogs I follow...

1. ...a funny, sarcastic sense of humor. Explaining how your day REALLY went....with flat tires, surprises, arguments, lost phones and all.

2. ...some pictures. A post of just WORDS, WORDS, WORDS...does not hold my attention....don't get me wrong, I love to read, but I like to be connected to the blog visually too.

3. ...someone that posts a little about everything. If all you write about is your cat, Snowball, I won't stick around long.

4. appealing font size and not too much clutter. I don't want to have to get a new contact prescription or be a member of MENSA to navigate your blog.

5. ...someone that posts, at least, once a week. If the date comes up as February 11, 1999, I don't even read the title of the post. Taking a blogging break is not the same things as a 10 year hiatus.


Dawn Malone said...

All very good points, Tracey! For me, content is key. If I don't connect with the writing or writer, I probably won't come back even if it is a beautiful blog site. I also like to see that the writer is interacting with his/her audience.

Juli said...

All good points. I write the way I talk, rambling, and often incoherent. And yet, people still come back.

I do try and come up with pictures, but let's be honest.... I'm just not fast enough with my phone camera and for the love of ice cream, how many pictures of mail boxes can I steal off the internet?

mare ball said...

I like the same things, and wrote some of these in my own reflection post. The font thing is crucial for me. It has to be easy on the eyes to navigate. Blogs with one focus don't hold my attention either. Glad to find you!