Monday, April 23, 2012


Sam has more toys then any one boy should. I've got better at figuring out the stuff he leans towards. Here are his top five.
He loves trucks and cars.
This scooter is his favorite outdoor toy.
Samuel loves to watch Daddy, Uncle Mark and any miscellaneous handy man I have over to the house, work with tools. This has been wonderful. He also love blocks and tinker toys.
Sam adores anything that bounces.
He has just fallen in love with water guns this spring.

I found this recently on Amazon. Since Sam loves to play on Dad's iPod and the computer this might be on the short list for Christmas.
Every time we go to Toys-R-Us or the mall he loves to ride in these. So I think this will be on Sam's list to Santa.


mare ball said...

OH, boy toys. My two boys are grown now, and I miss those days when I kept matchbox cars and cheerios in my purse. Thanks for the memory. :-)

happymomof2 said...

My daughter got a leap.pad from Santa this past Christmas and my 4 yr old son just got one about a week and a half ago- they both LOVE them!!! I really haven't found a leap.frog toy I don't like as far as durability, value and educational value too:)
My kiddos are the same way with all their toys- I refer to the basement/ playroom as! Lol!

Juli said...

I miss the days when my boys would be happy for hours with a tonka truck and a ball.