Saturday, April 21, 2012


My life has changed so much in the past 3 years. I can't imagine my life without my little man. Samuel has really come into his personality lately. He talks nonstop and is very much a boy.

He loves:

* to watch The Mickey Mouse Club and Jake and the Neverland Pirates
* to eat: chicken, PB & J, ice cream, chips, pasta, carrots, grapes, berries, yogurt, hotdogs, pancakes
* anything active, like: playing in water, chase, hide-and-go-seek, jumping on the trampoline
* swords, squirt guns, cars, scooters, balls, running
* playing outside
* going to the pool, the park and the zoo
* Ma-Ma to kiss his boo-boos
* bath time, reading books, animals, drawing
* playing with boys
* to type on the computer
* talking to Na-Na on Skype
* orange and yellow
* spending the day with Dad
* vacuuming, dusting and getting the mail
* blue "blankie"

He doesn't like:

* big people church, because you have to be quiet
* washing his hair
* chocolate cookies, soda, sweet pickles, tomatoes and garlic
* food on his fingers
* stuffed animals
* the wind
* playing with girls
* having his diaper changed
* the dark
* bedtime
* taking turns and sharing
* the paci-fairy
* that Na-Na moved away


Tracy said...

Hah, I don't like food on my fingers either! this was a sweet post! I enjoyed reading!

mare ball said...

Just found your blog through A-Z. It's beautifully designed. Became a follower, so I can stay in touch. :-)