Thursday, March 1, 2012


I didn't blog much in February, but we had a few very significant things happen....

We had a CELEBRATION of my Father's life on February 10th and this was my husband's 43rd birthday. These are absolutely the two best men I know!!!

My 44th birthday was the 22nd. To think that my mother didn't even have me until she was 45 year old. Wow!

Mom moved in with me for a few weeks, while we finished up all my Dad's affairs.

Samuel has loved hanging out with Na-na.

They read books together and play games.

Finally, Menlo had surgery to remove a couple of cysts. Boxers are prone to cancer and you have to watch them carefully and have any cysts removed immediately.

Sam was very concerned when he saw Menlo's stitches. Menlo is back to his old self now.

Looking forward to a less eventful and calmer March.

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