Friday, August 26, 2011


My life is spinning by so fast these days. I have never had a day or a week, for that matter, go by so fast. There are moments of calm, but for the most part my school day zooms by. I have to keep a close eye on the clock so that I get to everything. I force myself to eat lunch in the lounge so I actually take a break and get to know people. I am also happy with my prep time being last period. It makes a nice ending to the day.

My 4th period, 7th grade, math class is still the most challenging. I had to call three children's parents this week. The attitude just overflows from these creatures.

Next week the lab should be ready for me to use in yearbook. There are only six kids in that class, but they are very eager to get moving and one is an amazing artist. His picture of a gray wolf was chosen to be the cover this year.

On Fridays we have our Advisory group. It's a group that we help prepare for student led conferences. We show them how to present themselves to others, guide them in career opportunities based on their interests, how to write resumes and goal setting.

Next Thursday is open house so I'll be working really late that night.

Hope your week ended happily!

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