Monday, July 25, 2011


My brother, Mark, his wife, Connie and their twin girls, Abigail and Mae came to visit from California. They brought Connie's niece, Megan too. We fooled my sister, Genie, into believing she was their Au Pair.

This is Megan with the twins....they fell in love with the cat.

Here are Daddy and Mark discussing how to solve the nations debt problems.

Mom and Connie conversing about how the kids are growing up so fast!

Aunt Genie was playing games with the twins.

Then we went to the pool.

I love this picture of Richard and Sam.

My two gorgeous men!

What kind of trouble is he getting into now?

The girls were playing "Keep Away" from Richard.

Sammy is having an indepth conversation with Aunt Connie about the days events.

Finally, we got the cousins to sit down together for one last shot.

We played a lot of card games, had some great food and lots of laughs. I only wish it could happen more often.

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