Tuesday, July 26, 2011

BACHELORETTE 2011...week 9

Ashley Hebert with the Bachelores to Fiji this week.

First, I need to say...I WAS RIGHT! Ryan is the one who showed up again. He flew all the way to Fiji hoping that Ashley would regret her decision and give him another chance......she made him wait two days for an answer and then sent him packing....AGAIN! I think he is vying to be the next Bachelor!

Ben got the first date this week. They went out on a yacht snorkeling. There was a lot of chemistry, they did stay in the FANTASY SUITE, but he couldn't bring himself to say, "THE I LOVE YOU THING," as he put it. Ashley thinks they have the most in common.

Constantine was next. They took a helicopter ride to a waterfall, but they both admitted there wasn't any chemistry and things were moving too slow. He was the one to say it was the "end of the road." I give the man a lot of credit for being honest.

JP was last. They took a seat plane to a private island. TONS OF PASSION and yes they shared the FANTASY SUITE!

Next week they are staying in Fiji, where the guys will meet Ashley's family. I like JP the most, but I think Ashley will choose Ben, but first on Sunday is the reunion show. This should be interesting, especially with Bentley along for the ride.

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Willy's Auntie said...

Was it just me or was Ashley trying to act like the decision for Constantine to go was a shared one versus him saying he was done? I don't really see what any of the guys (good or bad) see in her.......but whatever!