Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We went to lunch and across from the little cafe was a horse farm. Three horses were in the field closest to the road. Sam was so excited he was shaking and flapping his arms. This white one was only near the fence line for a moment.

This one stayed in the middle of the field and Sam kept calling to him, like a dog, "Come here, horsey. Come see me."

This black one, which Sam named, "Big," was the friendliest. He enjoyed being scratched and petted. At first Sam didn't want to touch him even though he kept saying he wanted to ride him.

The more the horse stuck around the more comfortable Sam became and eventually he did pet him. He did not want to leave. "Big" liked having his nose stroked, but the head and teeth made Sam nervous. Sam talked about his feet, tail, mane, teeth and big eyes. Sam adores animals. We're going to the zoo on Wednesday.

What a fun lunch time we had!

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