Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BACHELORETTE 2011...week 4

Ashley Hebert is the new Bachelorette this season. They all went to Phuket, Thailand this week.

The episode this week was much calmer without Bentley (28), however, all Ashley talked about was how much she was thinking about him and wondering..."what if." There is no "what if"....he walked away. If he cared about you that much, he would have stayed.

I still think it's pretty crappy of the show to know how Bentley feels and let Ashley be devastated in that way. They should have let her watch the clips of him talking. At the end of all this, she is going to feel so stupid when she sees the clips with him.

Constantime (30): got the first one on one date, but because the waves were so high and it was raining they couldn't kayak, so they just walked around the village and talked. I don't see any chemistry (...he's not even good looking), but Ashley did give him a rose. He won't last to the end.

Ben F. (28): got a rose on the group date. A bunch of the guys helped to paint and clean up an orphanage. Another one that won't last to the end....what's up with their hair?

Ames (31): got the other one-on-one date and got a rose. He's been to 70 countries and is very spontaneous. They rode on a sea kayak and talked a lot. He has a nice smile and made her smile, but again I don't see chemistry.

The others she kept were:
William (30):
Ryan P. (31): who got on everyone's nerves last night because he was being too bossy and they don't like how fake he is acting.

 JP (34): He is now my front runner. They have major chemistry, he is very down to earth and seems genuinely interested in Ashley.
 Ben C. (28): DUD
Mickey (31): jury is still out on this one.
Nick (26): DUD
 Blake (27): DUD
 Lucas (30): DUD

Ashley decided to only send one guy home last night and it was...

West (30): DUD....no great loss.

Tune in next week!

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