Thursday, April 7, 2011

FLYING BATHROOMS.....Come on people!

This past weekend we went on a plane to California. I'm sure I don't have to explain to any of you the size of airplane bathrooms.....well now try to imagine changing a baby in wait...not a baby....a 2 year old!

Yes, I should have changed him as we were sitting in the concourse, but I didn't......and when we got on the plane I thought maybe it's just pee and he can way...."Mommy, yucky poopy!"

Ok....then I thought, how about if I fold the arm up and change him in the seats or on the floor in the back....NOW COME ON's a baby....I can change him very quickly and if you are that put off, don't look! No such luck...the stewardes insisited I take him in the bathroom.....fine.....NEVER AGAIN!

The changing table folds out of the wall over the big deal, IF you have a newborn.....ugghhh....Sam's feet were hanging over the edge and his head was crammed in the corner and JUST MY LUCK...poop....not the pellet kind either.

He's complaining the  entire  time (....which I couldn't blame him), but as my one hand is trying to hold his legs up and the other is reaching for the wipes, I'm using my body to keep him wedged on the shelf. Needless to say, I cleaned him up MUCH better after we got home.



birthmothertalks said...

That doesn't sound like fun.

Connie said...

My worst was when there was NO changing table. The flight attendent told me to do it on the ground outside the bathroom. Where people track all the stuff that makes it on the floor in an airplane bathroom. Disgusting!

stART said...

If they are going to allow children on airplanes they NEED to attend to their basic functional needs. I travelled by air when my two were small and it hasn't improved ONE IOTA. Hello, people at the airlines? These are future passengers! (or NOT!)

Kris said...

Yes, changing a diaper on the airplane is NOT fun. Thankfully, we did not have a poopy one on the long flight home! I just changed it at the seat (we had an extra seat between us). It worked fine. But, then changing on a girl and a boy are 2 different things!!! And changing poo...yeah, that would NOT be fun!

The moral of the story...change before getting on the plane and hope and pray no poopy diapers on the plane! :-)