Monday, January 24, 2011


Two weeks ago we took Sam to church like usual, but noticed that he was becoming much more chatty. We decided to check out the nursery to see if it would be best to have him start attending that instead.

There were 3 ladies and 5 other little boys and one girl. He did very well. He loved the toys, flirted with the ladies and only cried once when a little girl cried. I'm not sure if he was upset for her or scared of her Daddy. He gets nervous around men.

Anyway, we decided this would be great for him. We truly intended on him going the next week, until he came down with a fever and an ear infection and we ended up at urgent care. A week later he was back to his normal, happy self.

This past Saturday night I reminded Richard that we would be "dropping" Sam off at the nursery before church on Sunday. Richard's response, "Dropping him off? He's not ready!" I looked at his sad face and said, "Really, Dear, he's not ready?" We both started laughing!!

We decided that Richard would wait in the sanctuary and I would take Sam to the nursery. I spent a few minutes with him and when he was busy with a toy, I grabbed a pager and backed out of the room. Richard spent the entire service clutching the pager because he was so nervous.

Everything went just fine and I think Richard will be more relaxed next week. 


happymomof2 said...

I wish our church had that service however I know that if they did I would be like Richard and my husband would have to drop the kiddos off for me-LOL! Since our church doesn't- they don't even have a cry room! we just deal with it and take turns taking our son out of the sanctuary (our daughter is an angel in church, we have never had an issue with her! But boys will be boys!).

Connie said...

I love Richard...he's just like me!