Wednesday, December 8, 2010


On this day 2 years ago, my little man was born.

This was on the bulletin board when I got back to work the next day.....

Samuel had low oxygen and had to stay in the NICU so we had to wait 2 days to take him home, but it was so worth the wait. What an amazing Christmas gift that was!

The first night was so amazing.....I couldn't stop holding and looking and crying....WOW!

Now look at the boy! So much has happened......2 YEARS OLD! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LITTLE MAN! MOMMY AND DADDY LOVE YOU!


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!

My little man, Colt, turns 2 next Thursday. I've been very weepy and emotional as it approaches. 2 just seems SO BIG. Today was his first day in the 2-year-old classroom at his school and I cried after dropping him off the whole way to work.

What magical, wondrous, amazing Christmas babies we have!

Ashley said...

Happy birthday Samuel!! Can't believe he's 2!

birthmothertalks said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Samuel!!!

Jacksmom said...

Happy Birthday Samuel!!! My Jack turns 4 tomorrow-best Christmas gift I've ever gotten!