Saturday, December 25, 2010


My Mommy and Daddy are very tired so they are letting me write this post.

This is Christmas Eve. I got to open a few presents early! Bubble wrap is so much fun!

I love opening and closing little doors.

Fire engines make cool noises!

I love my little Matchbox car from Daddy!

These fireman boots are great!

I had a wonderful day. This is my favorite picture with Mommy!!!

Cardboard tubes are wonderful toys!

Here I am explaining to Aunt Genie that she shouldn't put cat food in the stuffing!

Aunt Genie really needs to clean out this refrigerator.

Aunt Genie is sooooo funny!

This is my Na-Na and Pa-Pa! They have been married for 64 years. I love them!

I love having my toes tickled!

Daddy is putting stickers on my jeans!

Aunt Genie really makes me laugh!

Here I am helping pass out presents and showing everyone how to have fun!

I had a great day with my wonderful family! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

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Jacksmom said...

I hope you guys had a lovely Christmas! It looks like Samuel had fun. Jack has the same puzzle!