Sunday, December 26, 2010


Sam helped me take down the Christmas tree ornaments. 

He loves playing peak and and hide-and-seek!

 All the decorations are tucked away until next year.

The train village on his new table is ready and waiting.

Here is the little play area I've set up. Sam also has a basket ball hoop on the other side of the room and 3 baskets of toys under the coffee table. On Tuesday we are taking a run to the consignment store. The back of my CRV will be full. I am so happy to have reduced his toy load. Richard still needs to take down the lights outside, but after all the help he gave me in the morning, he is taking a much deserved break and watching a football game, while Sam naps.

I have to brag about one other gift I got. My 86 year old mother, (who by the way had a stroke last February...but you'd never know it by all progress she has made) cross-stitched this GORGEOUS picture of Samuel for us. She's done one of these for all my siblings (there are 8 of us in all), of their children, too. It's amazing! Ok, I'm done bragging!


Jacksmom said...

Your mother did an awesome job!! Where was she able to get a pattern for the picture??? That's amazing!

Connie said...

That is spectacular! I know ours is a treasured gift as well.