Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Leftovers

Mommy is letting me write this post today....

Aren't leftovers from a great meal the best!

Well, we had such a great time and were so busy, these are the only pictures that my Mommy and Daddy's all you're getting! Ha! Ha! The rest of the leftovers are mine.

Grandma is so much fun! She'll even let me put three pairs of sunglasses on her head to make me laugh!

Here I am helping my cousin, Jillian, with her homework. She's a freshman in college, but I love to help with math.

Here I am explaining:

I told her, "The formula above for powers of x fails when n = -1 because there is a zero in the denominator. That is not the same as saying the function 1/x = x-1 has no antiderivative," but she just didn't get it. Maybe when she comes over for math tutoring next week, we can spend more time on it.

Mommy doesn't allow any electronic devises during dinner, so everyone dug right in!

Here I am impressing Na-Na and Pa-Pa with my stimulating dinner conversation.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Maybe Mommy will let me post again at Christmas. Now I have to help Mommy decorate the Christmas tree. Santa comes in 29 days!

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