Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Two Fridays ago BABY BOY got a discipline slip for hanging out in the halls and being late for class by 20 minutes.

Then last week on Monday, in math class, he threatened to beat up a child (DISCIPLINE SLIP) and then at recess he was bullying another student by calling him "gay" (DISCIPLINE SLIP)....which by the way...has become the new way to taught and terrorize other children.

Then the next day the automated attendance system called Mommy Dearest to say he wasn't in school and she called the office to complain because she thought he was. The office called my room 3 TIMES...interrupting class...to find out where he was. I explained that by 8:30, when we left Library, he hadn't reported in and I hadn't see him. They found him in his reading class. [NOTE: He's a special education student and he goes to different classes for math, reading, and counseling.] Mom said he wasn't late that day and I explained that he didn't report in to me, so as far as I'm concerned he was late. Later on I tracked him down and asked him what the rule was and he was able to explain to me that he is suppose to report in to me EVERY morning so I know he is here. He didn't even get a discipline slip for this one.

He was shocked when I told him that because of all this he was not being allowed to go on the field trip the next day. Mommy Dearest was not happy either, but at least the administration supported me in this.

So since school started he has had 4 DISCIPLINE SLIPS. This is the same child, who accused another teacher of hitting him (false) and then when the parents came in, Mommy Dearest tells us, "My child NEVER lies," and Grandma Dearest pipes in with, "He's my little novio" (Spanish for sweetheart).

I have to hand it to BABY BOY. He is tenacious. He's got away with poor behavior for so long that even after 3 months with me, when most other trouble makers have smartened up and realized that they've met their match in me, he keeps right on pushing the envelope and being shocked when he doesn't get the results he wants.

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Jill said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!! One Kid at a time! If our educaters don't make a difference..who will????