Monday, October 11, 2010

FRUSTRATION #732 and #733

# 732 On Thursday and Friday of this week we will have parent conferences. Last Friday I found out that translation services doesn't have enough translators for 3 of the 7 conferences that I need a translator for. So, I have to go around the school looking for someone who can fill those slots for me. Then today I find out that I can't use the educational assistance because they aren't certified teachers. How are they allowed to cover classes when I have a meeting, but not translate? Does this make sense!?

#733 When I got to work today it was 60 degrees in my room (I'm in a portable building.). I went to the office to find out when they would be turning on the heat and (Someone has to turn off the swamp coolers and turn on the heat system.) the answer, "The heat is turned on at the end of October." Great! Shouldn't this set date be based on the temperature outside?

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