Friday, September 17, 2010


Sam's receptive (understanding) language is huge. We are amazed at the things he knows and can show us.

Sam is much less frustrated now that he has quite a few word approximations (expressive vocabulary). He still leaves out a lot of vowels, but he gets his point across.

Bll (Bill, our next door neighbor)
Fsh (Fish)
Chs (Cheese)
Bd (Bed)
Shs (Shoes)
Cp (Cup)
Ba-Ba (bottle)
Ki-ki (kitty)
Pees (Please)

I started trying to teach him sign language too, but the only one he picked up and still uses is "more," which is touching your finger tips together on both hands. I've tried to teach him: help, in, out, sleep and a few others, but he's never even attempted them.

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