Friday, September 17, 2010


Next week we have to start our district mandated testing, which we do three times a year. There is a reading section and a math section. They are both untimed tests. This means that if everyone is done, except for Billy...the world stops...Billy continues his test while all the other ones that are done, sit and read a chapter book, so as not to disturb Billy, until ........ he ........ finally..................... finishes.

The goal is to score proficient, which is a 70 or better. These tests are also used to show how "good" of a teacher I am.

My job is to figure out when in my day to give these tests. There are 6 hours of school (8:00-2:00), 5 days a week, which is 30 hours a week. I've been told that I can not touch the following times:

* 1 hour of Art
* 1 hour of PE (2, 1/2 hour blocks a week)
* 1/2 hour of Library
* 1/2 hour of Computer Lab
* 2.5 hours a week (1/2 hour a day) for lunch and recess
* 7.5 hours a week of reading (90 minute block each day)
* 7.5 hours a week of math (90 minute block each day)
* 2.5 hours a week for remedial reading (1/2 hour a day)

This takes 23 hours of my week away. Which leaves me 7 hours (nonconsecutive), over the course of the week.

Most people understand that elementary kids test best in the mornings, when they are most alert and energized, but I have to throw this idea out because the reading block is in the morning and I'm not allowed to test during that time.

So, of my 7 hours (nonconsecutive), I also need to take out passing time to and from the above mentioned activities. If I only subtract 5 minutes on each end, that is another 100 minutes, which, if we round, is another 1.7 hours. So, now I am down to 5.3 hours (nonconsecutive), over the course of the week.

Wait we're not done yet....

* 5 minutes to walk to the bus each day = 25 minutes
* 5 minutes to pass out the testing materials and explain directions = 25 minutes
* 5 minutes to get settled and to answer any questions = 25 minutes
* 10 minutes for the morning announcements = 50 minutes

That's another 125 minutes or 2.1 hours that I can't use. So, finally, we are down to 3.2 hours (nonconsecutive), over the course of the week.

Did I mention that these two tests are untimed?!

It's also a good idea to stay away from Mondays and Fridays because of absences and when they are most focused, but again I have to throw this out because.....I ONLY HAVE 3.2 HOURS (nonconsecutive) TO GET THESE TWO, UNTIMED TESTS DONE!!!!!!!!!

Come on, Billy, do your best....BUT....hurry up....your teacher needs to keep her job!

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Headless Mom said...

That's crazy! When we do testing here? THE WORLD STOPS.

Sorry, but that is just nuts.