Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well....if you read my blog you kinda already know....but first I would like to focus on what I like about this school year....

* amazingly supportive co-workers
* only having to plan for reading and social studies
* not having to learn a new reading program
* being out in a portable building (I didn't think I was going to like this.)
* having the high group in reading
* 90% of the kids are funny, kind, creative and eager to learn
* having air conditioning and heating that I can control
* the concept of 5th grade academy
* finishing in May instead of June

My problems are really with the high ups and I can't even blame my principals, most of the time. It comes from the POWERS THAT BE, above them, that have been out of touch with teachers, children and parents, for so long, that they have NO CLUE that their edicts are either unattainable, a waste of time or not compatible with the resources and time that we have.

Differentiation: This is one of the top educational buzz words going around today. We are to teach skills so that all kids, at all levels, with all different learning styles, all different home languages and problems can master the material.

Most accept this, but it is VERY DIFFICULT!

Modeling: Showing the kids what you want them to do so that they can do it on their own.

Again, most accept this and do it.

THE POWERS THAT BE have forgotten how to use these two words themselves. If they cared, they would change a system that makes people be in a certain place for a certain number of hours just do say you were there a certain number of hours.

Instead of treating us all like dummies...…making us do ice breakers (shoot me), telling me to begin another NEW something-or-other program that will solve all my problems that they decided to adopt (even though we just started a new program last year) and making me act out how to do a PDSA for the 10th year in a about if YOU differentiate professional development for a group of people who are at least as different as the kids? I've been in this system for 21 years. Do I really need to sit through another 6 and a 1/2 hour orientation day going over the handbook? Couldn't my time be better spent collaborating, having time to learn the new something-or-other program or teaming with the new teachers to give them advice on how to handle what they are about to encounter.

How about you differentiate and model a real-life, honest-to-goodness class that includes kids who are gifted, ADHD, autistic, speech impaired, hearing impaired, depressed and totally disinterested.....and while you're at it......I'll throw in Miss. Kitty-Cat, who on Friday decided she would bite two students in the leg, What-Boy, who continues to run off each chance he gets and 2 other students that don't speak a word of English and have had no formal schooling until this year.


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Kris said...

She bit 2 students??? OH MY GOODNESS!!! She needs help. Sensory help. Badly. Well, What-Boy does as well for that matter. How sad for the other students who can't speak can they succeed irregardless of how wonderful the teacher is? They just CANNOT! And the reason we will home school when JiJie first comes home...until she's more comfortable with English.