Wednesday, September 1, 2010


There were only 13 people left this week from the past seasons of THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE, still living in a house together, sharing one bedroom, competing for $250,000....and a little love thrown in there too. See the full episode here.

The competition this week was based on a survey they all filled out. Then they had to guess how the majority of the house voted. If they got it right they got a point.


The questions started out pretty mellow, but quickly escalate to mean!

1. Who do you think will win the game? KIPTYN

2. Who is the enemy of the house? KRISILY..."They don't like me and are all fake."

3. Who is the most shallow? ELIZABETH...."I don't even know what shallow really means."

4. Who is the dumbest? GWEN...Natalie voted for herself....Yes, I would have voted Natalie too.

At this point Tenley has 4 points and wins the rose for the girls. The rest of the questions were just answered by the men.

5. Who do you secretly have a crush on? DAVE

6. Who will be a bridesmaid, but never a bride? NATALIE...Even, Dave, the guy she likes, said this. She was crushed by this answer and said, "My ultimate goal in life is to be a great wife and mother." Well, then maybe you should stop partying so hard and whoring yourself out. She also said she needs to, "find someone who is open to who I am." Good luck with that one.

7. Who is the biggest jerk of the group? WES...Stupidly, he told eveyone he wanted to kick off the couples, so they are going to get him first!

8. Who has the worst boob job? ELIZABETH...Kovacs, her boyfriend, said Krisiley so that he wouldn't hurt her, but because of this lost the competition. Kovacs said the competition made him realize how much he likes Elizabeth. Poor boy! He will never make his own decision again.

Jesse B. won the 4 points and the rose.

Tenley took Kiptyn on the one on one date to Catalina Island. They go ziplining and kiss. They also spend the night in the fantasy suite. I think they are cute together. Tenley gave Kipton the rose, so they are both safe.

Jesse B. takes Peyton on the one on one date. They go on a bi-plane ride. When they got back to the hangar Peyton was hoping for some romance. He gave her the rose right away and she thought she really liked him, BUT she gave the boy alcohol and he lost it. He belched in her face and tried to put his finger up he nose. Jesse asks her if she wants to go to the fantasy suite, but Peyton says, "I think we should call it a night."

At the rose ceremony the men that are safe are: Kipton, Jessie B, David and Kovacs and the women are: Natalie, Ashley, Nikki, Elizabeth, Gwen Peyton and Tenley. WES and KRISILY went home. So there are 4 boys and 7 girls in all.

Next week they are going to even up the teams and 3 girls are going home. More drama and crying to follow!

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