Tuesday, August 10, 2010


My lovely, Aunt Harriet (my grandfather's sister) passed away in 1996 at the age of 94. At the time of her death she had been a nun for 77 years. She was a teacher for the blind in Maine for most of her life.

To this day, she is the most amazing woman that I have ever met. At least once a year, she would come to our home in New Hampshire to visit. I never felt more special then when I was with her. We would hold hand, walking through the woods, and pick blackberries.....she had the cutest laugh....she was always smiling. She always had time to listen to me and she made me feel special.

I could talk to her about ANYTHING! Yes, ANYTHING! I even went to her, when I was a teenager and had questions about sex. I'm not sure why, considering she was a nun and I am POSITIVE she never had sex, but it made total sense to me at the time and I knew she would answer my questions and listen to my worries. She never made me feel stupid or silly or ashamed for asking.

Have you ever wanted someone to talk to like this....someone who you can vent to....someone you can ask a question of....someone that won't make you feel stupid, silly or ashamed? Well here is your chance. Do you need to express yourself and you don't feel comfortable saying it on your own blog? Do you need a place to rant? Do you have questions that you would like feedback on? You can post here ANONYMOUSLY!

Here is your mask....


1. Send me an e-mail with your post and title.

2. You may post anonymously and know that no one will ever hear your name from me.

3. You may link to your blog, if your wish.

4. If you want to comment, please follow blogging protocols. I also reserve the right to reject those comments that are rude or hurtful.

So, as we walk through the woods in the cool autumn air picking black berries...who will be the brave soul to go first....

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