Monday, August 9, 2010


So, the new show, BACHELOR PAD, started tonight. Nineteen people, 11 women and 8 guys, from past seasons of THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE, are living in a house together, sharing one bedroom, competing for $250,000....and a little love thrown in there too.

The best parts of the show came from these folks:

Natalie is slimy! She will hook up with whomever, whenever.....

...unfortunately, this guy, Jesse, is in her claws right now!

This chick, Michelle (see quote from Jonathan below...), was nuts on the previous season she was on, and she was nuts tonight too. She cornered another girl in the bathroom and wouldn't let her out. THANK GOD, they voted her off....
Jonathan is still a dweeb, but he had the best quote of the night..."There aren't enough roses for all of Michelle's personalities." PRICELESS!

This chick, Elizabeth, is NUTS! Gorgeous, but nuts, none-the-less. She's in love with Jesse (picture below). They had a relationship off the show and he's not that into her, but she thinks he needs to be and is trying to use Jedi mind tricks to convince him of this.
Jesse, is very gullible and is allowing Elizabeth, above, to tell him what to say and how to say it.

Gia, whom I like, but she....has a boyfriend at why are you on this show?????? Should make for an interesting dynamic.

My favorites to win the show are:

Tenley....very sweet.....

....and Kipton. They would make a very cute couple too!

I also like David.....he looks like THE ROCK, and he is very sweet!

The rest can go home!

It is cracking up to be a very drama and crying filled roller coaster ride. Come, join me in watching BACHELOR PAD, or as my husband likes to call it, DATING FOR LOSERS!

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happymomof2 said...

LOL! Of course I am joining in on the fun- why not!! I thought it was fun to see some of the people act a little differently on this show- like Tenly (still like her!) but she didn't appear as innocent as she did before:)