Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Seventeen people, 10 women and 7 guys, from past seasons of THE BACHELOR and THE BACHELORETTE, are now living in a house together, sharing one bedroom, competing for $250,000....and a little love thrown in there too. See the full episode here.

The competition this week was a pie eating contest...which was actually VERY GROSS...a bunch of people were puking!

Gia won for the girls and chose three guys to go with her on a date.

There are now two sides in the house...the bunch of people who know each other, because they have hooked up or gone on reunion cruises together (INSIDERS) and .... the bunch of people who don't know others in the house (OUTSIDERS).

Gia, being one of the OUTSIDERS, came up with this big plan to vote off people from the INSIDERS group, and convinced everyone to go along with it, but when it came down to it...she decided to give the rose to...

.....Wes. He managed to convince Gia to give him the rose...he told her he LOVED HER....and yes, Gia has a boyfriend....He sang that stupid song again tooo..."LOVE DON'T COME EASY!"

Craig (OUTSIDER) is who Gia was suppose to save, in order to give the OUTSIDERS more people, but he went home instead....

Jonathan won the pie eating contest for the guys. He took three girls on a date.

Jonathan chose to save Gwen. He thinks he has a chance with her, but she told the camera, "not in a million years."

The guys voted off Jessie, for playing both sides....OUTSIDERS AND INSIDERS.

Natalie is still very slimy, but the guys like her, of course....she's just a "hook-up" though not a serious girlfriend.

This chick, Elizabeth, is NUTS! She thinks she is in control of everything, but I think it will come back to bite her in the ass.

More crying is in store for next week. Come, join me in watching BACHELOR PAD, or as my husband likes to call it, DATING FOR LOSERS!

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Jacksmom said...

I second what you said about Elizabeth!!!

And Gia is a fool with the Wes thing...that boy will say anything to get himself further. He is quite the charmer.