Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is the new bachelorette! This week they all flew to New York.


Kasey ("COTTON MOUTH"), gets the first one-on-one date this week. He is so cheesy! His line is that he is here to "guard and protect" her heart. He lost me when he started singing to her....SINGING BADLY! He does this twice and I was so embarassed I had to hide my face! He keeps saying how he wants to fall in love and marry Ali...I think he's just desperate to fall in love and marry anyone. Ali told him he was not being genuine. He's trying too hard. She wouldn't give him a rose, but she said she didn't want him to go home either...."dang it!" I was hoping to be rid of him! DUMP HIM!

Next there was a group date with Roberto, Jessie, Craig, Frank, Ty, Kirk and Jonathan. They go to the LION KING production and are told whomever sings and dances the best will get a date that night with Ali. They don't find out until later that the date is an actual performance in the production of THE LION KING. Roberto, wins the "date" and they are very cute together. He also gets to kiss her.

All the other guys are jealous. Ali is not feeling well, so after going for a walk in the rain with Frank (KEEPER) and kissing, she doesn't feel right giving out a rose, so Kirk just walks her back to her room, kisses her and tucks her in. Jonathan (DUMP HIM!) is loosing it. He is so jealous...what a major baby!

The next day Chris L. gets a one-on-one date with Ali, but she is REALLY sick, so he spends the day in ther hotel room with her. He made a good impression by bringing her chicken soup and flowers. He's the one who's mother died and he is very close to his family. It's his birthday so Ali has him call his father. I like Chris (KEEPER for now), but he's not in my top three.

In the mean time, Kasey (COTTON MOUTH) is very hurt that Ali thinks he isn't being genuine, so he leaves the house and gets a TATTOO of a shield protecting a heart and a rose ("I will guard and protect your heart."). There are 11 stones on the shield because there are 11 guys left. He does this to proove to Ali how serious he is....NUTS is more like it! He told the other guys it was a burn.

At the Cocktail party Jonathan (the weather man) pulls out his guitar and sings badly to her! Ugghh...enough with the singing guys! Kasey gets alone time with her but doesn't show her the tattoo!

Finally we have the rose ceremony. Here is how it went down....

Frank, 31, a retail manager....I'm a sucker for a cute, geek! KEEPER!

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant...Beautiful smile! KEEPER!

Justin, 26, is a "professional wrestler".....need I say more. She kept him and even he was shocked because he didn't get any time with her, but I think she should DUMP HIM!

Jonathan, 30, who is a weatherman, way too emotional! DUMPED! Thank God! He was very upset! Stick to the weather maps. You are way too needy!

Chris N, 29, an entrepreneur (unemployed). Again another one that she kept, but that I would DUMP!

Chris L, 33, is a landscaper. KEEPER for now!

Ty, 31, is in medical sales. KEEPER for now!

Craig R, 27, is a lawyer. Yet again, another one that she kept, but that I would DUMP!

Jesse, 24, is a general contractor. DUMPED! He's very excited to be going home to see his two dogs!

Roberto, 26, an insurance agent, is a KEEPER! He's in my top two!

Kasey ("COTTON MOUTH"), 27, an advertising account executive is also kept this week. I think as soon as Ali finds out about the tattoo he'll be gone. She doesn't know that he is NUTS! DUMP HIM!

So of the 9 guys left I would dump 4. Chris L. and Ty make it to my top five, but there are still only 3 in the running for me: Frank, Roberto and Kirk! In third place is Frank. He needs a lot of reassurance. He's having a hard time dealing with her being with the other guys. He may be too needy and ruin his chances with her. Roberto and Kirk are tied for me. Roberto is very sexy and Kirk is a cutey and very sweet.

Join me next Monday night, when they all do to ICELAND and see if my predictions come true!

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