Wednesday, January 13, 2010


To review, Jake, 31, pilot from Dallas, had cut the "herd" to 15 last week. This week was THE CRYING EPISODE. Jake started with 15 girls.


1. Gia, Roslyn, Valishia, Ashley H, Corrie and Christina get the first group date, which is a photo shoot for InStyle Magazine. The claws come out immediately (HISSSSSS!). ROSLYN gets the rose, so she is safe....REMEMBER THAT NAME!

2. Ali gets to go on a ONE-ON-ONE date with Jake. She has on a fancy necklace and BRIGHT yellow, strapless, dress as they ride to the airport on a motorcycle. She is so excited....CRIER #1!! Ali says she is afraid of flying and just because Jake was the pilot she is now over that fear, but I'm not buying it! Sappy song....ON THE WINGS OF LOVE! Gag me! They fly to Palm Springs, climb in a fancy red car, eat dinner and get a private concert by CHICAGO. She lists her previous boyfriends names for Jake: Jim, Jason, Jered and Jordon. She gets the second rose, so she is safe!

3. Elizabeth, Jessie, Catherine, Ashley E and Vienna get the next group date. Michelle leaves the room and starts to pack....CRIER #2...saying that if she can't get a date with him, why stay. Back to the group date at SIX FLAGS...Elizabeth pours out her heart in a sappy "note," (what are you in 7th grade)....about how she doesn't want him to kiss her unless she is the one. Vienna comments that she's been waiting her "entire life" for Jake. She's 23...give me a break. They all share margaritas under a blanket while Vienna pours our her heart to Jake. She eloped when she was, hoo, hoo....CRIER #3....and was divorced 3 months later. The rose goes to Elizabeth...she's safe and Vienna is mad.


Ella gets a candle in a cupcake for her birthday from Jake....awww so sweet....CRIER #4! Tenley doesn't take the opportunity to tell Jake about her divorce. Michelle tells Jake that she was thinking of leaving....CRIER #5.

CHRIS, the host (...who is a major hotty....), pulls ROSLYN outside and says that because she had a relationship with one of the crew members of the show, the crew member was fired and she will have to leave. He seems very embarrassed and actually choked up about it. Roslyn (got a rose earlier) doesn't think this is fair. She says, "my personal life is no one's business," ....yah...except when you're on a show to find a husband!!! DUH! With nothing more to say in her defense, she packs her bags, while Chris tells Jake. Jake says, "Can I get my rose back?" He says he's hurt and disappointed. Then Jake stands with Chris when he tells all the other women. They are so shocked and upset for Jake....CRIER #6 (Vienna) and CRIER #7 (Tenley).

Rozlyn, 28, Model/Make-Up Artist. Maybe she'll hook-up with the crew member she messed around with and they can have their own reality show! I was right about this one! CUT! On Entertainment Tonight she says that she did nothing wrong and the show is just doing this for the ratings.

BOLD PREDICTION....She will not have the guts to show herself on the reunion show!


Ali and Elizabeth are safe and now Jake can keep 10 more because of Roslyn going home.

#1 Ali, 25, Advertising Account Manager: She got the first one-on-one date and is safe. I still want to CUT her!

#2 Elizabeth, 29, Nanny: She got a rose on the group date so she is safe too. I still like her, but all the girls are threatened by her. She's a KEEPER for me.


#3 Vienna, 23, Marketing Representative: She is extremely needy. I want to CUT her even more now!!!

#4 Gia, 26, Swimsuit Model: I still want to CUT her, but Jake is turned on.

#5 Tenley, 25, College Admissions: She's still a CUT for me. She's too much like Jake.

#6 Ella, 30, Hair Stylist: I still think this single mom to a 7 year old boy, should be CUT, so she can concentrate on being a mommy.

#7 Valishia, 32, Homemaker: She's still a KEEP for me. At least she's not causing any drama.

#8 Corrie, 23, Wardrobe Consultant: Still not too memorable. Maybe that's why I want to KEEP her too. I like the ones who don't cause trouble.

#9 Jessie, 25, Cosmetic Sales Manager: Another KEEP for me.

#10 Ashleigh, 25, Account Manager: Very nice and a good KEEP for now.

#11 Michelle, 26, Office Manager: RUN JAKE RUN...I THINK SHE IS SCARIER THIS WEEK! CUT! CUT! CUT! By the time this is over, her emotional instability is going to put her in a straight jacket.

#12 Kathryn, 25, Corporate Flight Attendant: Another non-drama causer....KEEP!


Christina, 25, Restaurant Manager: I WAS RIGHT! "It's just not fair"....CRIER #8....those jelly beans came back to bite you in the butt...KARMA!

Ashley, 29, teacher: He took my advice and RAN!

So, three of my cuts from last week are gone. Out of the 12 left, I have cut 6! Let's see how I do next week.


Sissy said...

Okay, I agree with some of the cuts, but not all. I like Ali and I didn't like how Elizabeth was all "you can't kiss me, but don't you want to kiss me...kiss my forehead." Yech.

Can't wait to see more and so glad Roslyn is GONE! He should have seen that playa a mile away.

Anonymous said...