Monday, December 14, 2009

Find My Family

This show has become by weekly "must see." I cry every time, but it's a good cry. Tonight, Richard asked me why it is so emotional for me. The first reason is because I'm just very emotional and I even cry at sappy Hallmark commercials. The other reason is that being an adoptive mom in an open-adoption, I can only hope and pray that Samuel will have the answers that the people on this show have been looking for, for years and years and that he will understand why "K" gave him to us to raise and that he'll feel whole knowing the answers up front.

Those of you who have followed our story know that Richard was adopted and has always felt totally equal to his brother and sister. Although he misses having a biological connection to someone, someone who looks like or laughs like he does, he has never felt a need to look for has birth family. He figures that they had to give him up for his own good and wouldn't want to invade their lives. Since starting to watch this show, however, he has said that he wouldn't be apposed to meeting them if they looked him up.

We are now hoping, that in the future, we will become closer to "K" and her family, making them a close branch to ours. Family trees are amazingly intricate living beings!


Annie said...

I love that show, although haven't seen last nights yet. I do find the "Family tree" a little sappy, lol. But the stories are great. Even though our kids mama didn't "choose" adoption, I hope that we can remain close to her so that the kids will understand that even though she couldn't raise them, they were really wanted.

birthmothertalks said...

I haven't seen the show, because we quit paying for tv. I hope your husband's birth mom isn't sitting feeling the same that she wouldn't mind if he looked her up.

Rebekah said...

I also cry during EVERY episode! Same reasons as you. Every time I watch, it enforces the need for staying close to Ty's parents. Especially since Ty has 4 siblings. I really feel for the kids that meet their long-lost brother, for the first time.

It spells out everything I thought to be true - no secrets, stay honest, be loving, know that my son will alwyas consider me mom - but love his birthmother too, etc.

I do find the narrator a bit cheesy, but I love it and haven't missed an episode!