Friday, October 2, 2009


Thursday nights are jam packed too.

We have BONES and...

SURVIVOR on at the same time. I like BONES, but I LOVE REALITY SHOWS! So, SURVIVOR will win out!

CSI is on next. There are a number of these shows on, but I like the original. I thought losing Grissom would make the show fall apart, but it's even better now with Lawrence Fishburne. He's a great actor.

I also really enjoy, THE MENTALIST. Again, a little "hokey," but how he finds the "bad guy" is really interesting. This is another show that is on at 9 pm, so if I'm tired I can always TEVO it.


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Kris said...

I've always been a CSI (original one) fan, but honestly, I've been watching it for so many years I'm just kind of burned out. I sort of burned out late last season. I do, however, LOVE The Office. I am sort of into Survivor...but if I miss it, I honestly fine with it. I must say that this season, Russell is quite the character! He's such a trouble maker, I wonder when the rest of the players will figure out...and I wonder what they think as they are watching it now!!!