Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The fall line-up for Tuesday is full. There are a number of shows that are on at the same time and it causes a major dilemma. WHAT TO WATCH!




I like both these shows, but CSI is a series and I don't want to miss out on the plot I may have to TEVO one and watch it on Saturday.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE is also on at this time....I like to laugh at the people who think they can dance, but are

...this man...who calls himself, "SEX." Yes, that's right....his "stage name" is "SEX!" Every year they tell him he can't dance and every year he comes back and tries out.

DANCING WITH THE STARS is on next. I usually watch this while I am blogging.

A new show this season is THE FORGOTTEN. It's told from the victim's standpoint. This is on at 9 pm so I may TEVO this and watch it on Saturday too. This is on at the same as....

...THE GOOD WIFE....which I will NOT be watching. I've had my fill of male bashing shows. Infidelity with public figures is in the news enough, I don't need to watch a fictional show about it too.



TXMom2B said...

The Good Wife is actually mostly about her new lawyer job. The case in the first episode was really clever. It's not male bashing, and she's angry but still respectful.

Kris said...

Tuesday is Biggest Loser all else goes out the window. That's about it for me & TV on Tuesdays!