Friday, September 18, 2009


Samuel is now a little over 9 months old. We had his checkup today. He is 28 1/2 inches long and weighs 18 pounds, 13 ounces. The doctor is a little concerned about his lazy eye though so we are scheduled for an appointment with baby eye doctor in a about 2 weeks.

I tried to schedule Samuel for his flu shot, but my doctor is not taking anymore appointments, since they already have 250 people signed up and they don't know if they'll even have enough for those. I called around and no one will even give me an appointment. I have to call back in two weeks. Richard and I got our flu shots at WalGreens, but they don't do baby flu shots. The H1N1 is even more complicated. Since I teach school, I wanted to at least get one for my husband and I, but they are not going to be getting any vaccine until November. Samuel's babysitter comes to our house, so I am less concerned then if he were in daycare, but Richard and I could still carry something home to him. Has anyone else had these problems finding the vaccines?


Melba said...

Wow, nine months already...where does the time go?! He is such a handsome little man!!

As for flu shots, we are already scheduled to get one for Charlie at his six month appointment, which isn't until the end of October. They went ahead and scheduled it the last time we were in. I had my flu shot at wallgreens, and Michael gets his through work.

As for the N1H1, they are supposed to come out in a couple of weeks, but I haven't checked to see where they will be available in our area. Charlie will be too young to have that too until the end of October so we'll see what happens. One of my professors did tell me there was in N1H1 outbreak in 1976, so anyone who was alive then should (in theory) already have immunity to the virus. I haven't yet done my own research on that, but I have reason to believe she knows what she's talking about.

Not sure if that makes you feel any better or not...good luck getting what you need!



Lana said...

Samuel is growing so quickly!! What a handsome little fellow he is. Sorry that I can't help with your question about vaccination