Thursday, August 6, 2009

God opened my heart...

A year ago today...we met "K" and God opened my heart.

Richard and I arrived at the adoption agency first and sat waiting to meet "K" and her parents. I can feel my heart beating faster just thinking about it. It felt so unreal that we were finally going to be moving down this path. "K" and her parents walked in and we shook hands. Richard and I sat in chairs and "K" and her parents sat on a couch across from us. "K" was so bubbly! She told us about herself and that she had chosen us because of our big family. We asked and answered a lot of questions. "K's" mother explained that "K" was adopted too because she could never have children biologically. She and I both started crying. At that heart melted and I knew that this was the baby that God had intended for us and all my fears about having an open adoption instantly disappeared. This wasn't just my baby anymore....this was OUR baby and forever would be. 

We talked for about an hour and by the time we left we had made plans to meet the following Monday at the hospital for the first ultrasound.

The rest of the day and night my husband and I were on the phone, sharing the news with everyone we could think of. I couldn't stop crying. Richard and I couldn't sleep that night and we were awake most of the night talking about all that had happened. We were both so surprised at how fast it had all happened.  

God was definitely at work in all this! What an amazing adventure we were embarking on!


Deb said...

I have come to have more faith since discovering our infertility and adopting our daughter. I've been given so much and it sounds like you have too.

I've given you a blog award! You can stop by my digs to check it out

Melba said...

It's beautiful, really...the way it all works out!


Debbie B said...

Still amazes me to look back and see just how much our own views changed from when we started the adoption.
Enjoyed reading this.