Saturday, July 4, 2009


A year ago Richard and I hadn't been chosen by "K" yet. On this day last year, I was in New Hampshire at my 40TH BIRTHDAY BASH! In my home town this year, there is a little parade going down main street. All the children are lining the road and will stand as the flag passes. There are home made floats, a tractor or two, streamers on bicycles, miniature ponies, dogs dressed up as clowns, the Nights of Columbus band, police cars, fire trucks and a few local politicians. They will meet to have their floats judged, eat watermelon and then their parents will go to the American Legion for a few drinks. That night they'll all meet again to watch fire works and make Smores!

This was last year....

These guys (minus me) are getting together again this year and I miss them very much. I loved seeing them, but it was still hard seeing all their children. I was very good, by this time, at hiding those hurt and jealous feelings.

This year I am celebrating the 4th OF JULY with MY SON! WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES! Have a great time guys, but NOTHING...ABSOLUTELY better then this! I miss my friends, but I would miss 100 birthdays and 100 reunions to have what I have now! God is so good!

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