Monday, June 29, 2009


I am amazed by God's choice in a son for us. Every day we notice something new that Samuel has in common with either my husband or myself.

* has the same hair and eyes as Richard
* has the same birth mark on the back of his neck as I do
* can raise his right eyebrow all by itself, just like Richard
* loves to sleep late, just like Richard
* likes solitary activities just like I do

* likes his routine, just like I do
* loves music, just like Richard
* loves books, just like I do
* loves to eat, just like Richard
* is very ticklish, just like Richard

I love it when people say that he looks just like my husband! I love just talking about him: "My son is 6 and 1/2 months old." or "My son has the best laugh." 

MY SON! MY SON! MY SON! I'll never get tired of saying that! GOD IS SO GOOD!


Melba said...

Beautiful and SO TRUE, I will never get tired of saying "MY SON" is truly a joy to beat all joys!!

Samuel is gorgeous, he has such a sweet smile and pretty blue eyes! :)


Kris said...

Isn't it amazing how great God is?!?!

Debbie B said...

Someone asked me how my daughter was the other day and it shocked me for a minute. I still have those times when I just smile and thing oh yeah, she's my daughter.

Great list of similarities. I've never stopped to think about any with Isabel, I might just do that.

Rachel said...

I loved your post - people tell us all the time that OUR SON looks so much like us, or like our dads. It's great. I think that God works those things out for us.