Monday, June 29, 2009

I am praying for his children!

I wasn't planning on posting about Michael Jackson because of all the posts and news coverage praising this man, but I've finally had too much.

My husband calls Michael Jackson..."The most beloved pedophile on Earth." I know, I know...he was never convicted of anything....yah...yah...yah...neither was OJ Simpson, but I still think he's a murderer.

I hate the fact that the media and "stars" ate this man alive while he was on trial, but ignore that part now. I also hate how they are forgetting the other two people, Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon, who died the same week.

I too think Michael gave a lot to dance and music, but FOR ME (please note I said "for me" and that the label for this post is "In My Opinion."), what he did to young children, taints all that he did for the music world! 

NOTE: I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the victims taking money etc. etc...but it doesn't negate what Michael did. Only Michael, the children and God know, for sure, what he really did. You may not think I'm a very good person because I judge him when the courts have found him not guilty and although it may not be fair, I am on the side of protecting my child. 

I like to remember Michael Jackson as the young boy in the picture above. This was before he made choices that hurt others. I do believe his parents abused him and that he never had a real childhood. I feel sorry for him. I think he was a tortured soul and was warped very early on, but he did have a choice. He could have used his amazing talents to better the world, the way a lot of his songs professed, so eloquently. I have no sympathy for Michael Jackson. I believe he brought all his woes on himself. I know that he is now in front of the ultimate JUDGE and Michael will have to answer for all that he's done. He was very talented, but there will be others that will do more and be better then he was. Worshipping this man has gone over the top.

My final word is this: I feel for Michael's children. They didn't ask to be brought into this family, into the media, used as pawns to get attention. Their dad is gone. No matter what kind of person he was, he was their dad. I am praying for his children!


Kris said...

Have you never heard that when someone dies, their greatness is touted rather than their mistakes (as many as there may have been)?

As far MJ is know, I don't know if he was a pedophile. I do know the guy was SERIOUSLY messed up. And I can't help but feel sad that he met his Maker when he likely wasn't ready to do so. I can't help but feel like the torment he felt on earth has only been magnified from now to eternity. And THAT breaks my heart. It breaks my heart that ANYONE (no matter what they have done) would experience such a fate. I can only pray that through his 'sudden' death, others will think about what happens after death and seek God. Honestly, that's what I hope.

I also feel for his children. I hope that they have some voices of normalcy in their lives. Their father is gone and their mothers are not allowed in their lives (by their choice or MJ's). Just a sad situation for them compounded with the media spotlight on them and their extended family.

kalibug said...

Amen! Great post.