Saturday, June 27, 2009

Heather's Wedding Shower

If you want to see all 60 shower pictures go to my FACEBOOK album. I'll show you the best ones here!

Mother and daughter! Isn't Heather a beautiful girl!

I love this picture of Grandma, mom and Heather.

Here is the crowd! Dominic's mother held it in her back yard.

These Gerber Daisies decorated the tables.

These were the little thank you cookies that were on the tables too.

Here is the cake! Heather's colors are black and white.

This is the fondue fountain that....

....this little girl loved. She was so cute!

The only game that was played was on Heather. She had to answer questions about Dominic. Each time she got a question wrong she had to put another piece of gum in her mouth. The look on her face is priceless.

These are the two mothers-in-law. Dominic's mom is on the left and Heather's mom is on the right.

His and Her coffee mugs. cute!

Heather got a lot of gift cards. She's ready to go shopping now.

Dominic's parents got them this gorgeous cross.

She got two of these....

....and two of these.....

and two of these,.....

....but only 1 toaster!

I am so happy for her! Dominic is a lucky man! CONGRATULATIONS HEATHER AND DOMINIC!

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