Saturday, June 13, 2009

5th Grade Trip

We had a great time at Cliff's Amusement Park yesterday. The 5th graders look forward to this all year. 

They love this ride! We only had 1 kid get lost (briefly), one kid get sick, but after continued to go on rides and 2 leave their chaperones without permission.

This ride pulls you slowly to the top of a very large tower and then suddenly drops you over 6 stories. 

I like the water rides more. This is the log ride. There were, of course, a bunch more, but I was too involved in my book to take pictures. We only take the 5th graders we can trust (there is a contract of qualifications they have to follow all year) so it's very enjoyable for everyone. 

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Lana said...

OMG!!! This looks like so much fun