Saturday, May 9, 2009

Getting Rid of Clutter

Do you remember this post, where I showed you pictures of my sewing room.

I bought a bunch of containers and started organizing....

The closet now looks like this.

I pulled all my projects off these shelves and put them, each, in their own container.

Now the shelves look like this. I'm going to use them for food overflow. That way if I find any sales on non-perishables I can buy them and not crowd out my pantry.

I found this colorful organizer for all my "little things" at Costco, on sale, for $45.00.

I have one corner where I have some storage boxes of clothes and toys for Samuel.

The rest of the room looks like this now! Look at all that floor space!

Pretty good when you consider I started the day with it looking like this!

I also managed to weed the front yard, go grocery shopping, walk the dog, vacuum, clean the kitchen, wash the floors and do 3 loads of laundry. I had a very productive day!


RB said...

Wow, you did make a lot of progress! The room looks great!

Storm said...

Awesome job on the cleaning up and getting organized.