Friday, April 17, 2009

FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY #18...Milk and Coffee! Mmmmmm!

The two drinks I could not live without are, milk and coffee.

I actually drink very little coffee, but I have to have my morning cup, or I'm a mess! When Samuel was awake every 3 hours during the night and I was only getting, maybe, 1 hour of sleep at a time, I was drinking more, but now I average about 2 cups a day.

We drink about 3 gallons of 2%, a week. I can't wait until Samuel goes to whole milk and we'll have an excuse for going back to it too, for awhile! Yah!

My husband will drink an occasional glass of wine and I like a Corona, or a Kahlua and cream and we sometimes have a Margarita in the summer, but there is nothing like a tall, cold glass of milk! Mmmmmmm! I especially love it with ice cream or chocolate.

Now it's your turn....What is your all time favorite drink?


Kris said...

mmmm...that's a tough one...I can't say I have a favorite, per say, but I definitely know what I like.

A tall glass of coke (fountain preferred, but I do like it in the can)

A cold can of Mello Yello (yum)

A warm cup of jasmin tea (fell in love with that in China, having a cup right now, actually!)...

And of course, a cold glass of clean water.

M/J Granata said...

As mentioned earlier... I love me some coffee, too, in the morning!!!!
On occasion, I will indulge in a specialty coffee from CC's or Starbucks! I also love diet dr. pepper! I only drink one per day; it is my treat! Other than that, I generally drink water. When it is cold, I love a glass of chocolate milk. When I eat boiled crawfish...I love a very cold beer!

Rebekah said...

I'm totally boring. My all-time favorite, most craved drink is a glass of ice water...It's all I drink ! :)

M/J Granata said...

Tracey... I guess you didn't get my comment...:(