Thursday, April 16, 2009

C is for...Coffee

is for....Coffee! I've loved coffee since college. As every good college student does...we pull all-nighters and to do that I drank a lot of Mountain Dew, but it gave me really bad headaches. Then I tried coffee and I WAS HOOKED! It kept me awake on 0-2 hours sleep, the headaches were gone and it tasted great too. Since my son was born, I've fallen in love with it again. Thank you coffee for helping this 41 year old be coherent enough to change diapers and make bottles on only 2 hours sleep. I don't know what I'd do without you! Give the shower my thanks too.

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M/J Granata said...

Tracey... I love me some coffee, too!!! What kind of coffee do you drink? I prefer Community Coffee (Louisiana blend), Cafe Special. It is similar to a medium roast. However, I have recently tried a dark roast and enjoyed it, too. I use cream and sweetener in my coffee. Can't drink it black. How do you prefer yours????