Saturday, March 7, 2009

I've got a big brain!

These pictures were taken back on February 22nd. What a great birthday present for me, to see Samuel lift his head.

We had a ball encouraging Samuel to lift his head. He's getting much better. I was behind the camera, so my sister, Genie, was the clown.

That big brain is so heavy that he hasn't quite mastered this skill yet.

He hates being on his belly. Usually, since he pushes so hard with his stomach muscles, he spits up after I turn him back over.

I love the expressions on Genie's face.

We were all so excited! Genie would bang the floor every time he successfully looked up! Samuel's eyes were as big as dinner plates.


Christy said...

How fun! Every new milestone is so exciting! Love the new look, Tracy! Sorry you lost so much of your info, but I do love the look!

The Mom Jen said...

What a big boy! I always thought they looked like little turtles doing that! ;)