Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thank You Headless Mom

Thank you to Headless Mom for sending me this great e-mail. Here is what she said.

"There have been several nights since we brought Noah home where we felt like we didn't sleep at all...and you can imagine what the next day felt like. Without rest, we were grumpy and not very effective at our jobs, but not so with God. He's never off duty and never gets to rest, but He doesn't need to either. He's so much bigger and stronger than we are and He is able to watch and protect us all the time. He always sees what's going on in our lives and is always there to listen when we call to Him. No matter what time of night or day, God is on call and ready to show His faithfulness! We never need to fear that He won't hear our prayer, and by the same token, we can't ever think we can get away with something because He isn't paying attention. We have a Lord who is alwyas on duty, constantly protecting, guiding, and loving us. Today, take a minute to thank Him for always being on the job for you!"

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